Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Disney World sees progress in mouse problem

The mouse Disney World has been fetching to catch for almost four decades seen here with his girlfriend a few days before his demise. 

Lizzie Bibbs
Small World Times

Walt Disney World has announced they are finally making progress with their mouse infestation problems.
"We killed the ring leader of the mouse following," Robert A. Iger, CEO and president of the Walt Disney Company said.
For years a six foot mouse has been feeding off half eaten pizzas and ice cream bars thrown away by tourists. The mouse was killed when they placed a car bomb in his red Mustang Convertible.
"I know it's amazing to think a mouse of his size and girth would take 39 years to be caught but he was sneaky one," Iger said. "There were time when he would leave decoys of himself around the park."
Iger said the mouse was no ordinary mouse as he built himself an actual house and rode around in exclusive cars, mostly convertibles.
The mouse even had a following of tourists who would seek him out to get a picture with him.
"I am kind of sad to learn of his death," Brenda Gafoner, a tourists at the park said. "I was hoping my kids could see him. I even brought some Gouda with me. I heard he liked the fancier cheeses."
The tourist over the years began to see the mouse as an unofficial mascot even giving him the name Mickey.
Some tourists are holding candle light vigils in honor of the mouse outside the park's gates, others seem to be happy with the news.
"I wouldn't let my kids near him even if he was alive," Gretchen Dubcheck said. "Mice are dirty rodents. Who knows where he's been."
The workers at Disney seemed to add an extra hop to their step as they came to work after the news of Mickey's death.
"There were times when people would come to me not for my picture but asking where the mouse was. 'Where's Mickey? Where's Mickey?'" Angelica Babcock, one of Disney World's Cinderellas said. "I mean the castle was built for me not the mouse, me. Good riddance."
Iger said the friendly face and smile was all a visage of who Mickey really was.
"This mouse was pure evil. I saw him yell at and taunt our dog Pluto and make sarcastic remarks towards Goofy," Iger said. "And that girl mouse is none the better. We're hoping she leaves after his death but if not then the mouse hunt will proceed."
Iger said the female mouse is easily spotted as she wears a ribbon on her head.
"We haven't seen her as of yet," Iger said. "She's probably in mourning after all she was catered to by that mouse."
Besides Mickey's annoying demeanor, the Disney Corporation said the killing of the mouse was also a matter of public health and safety.
"If it was just his ego, that would be one thing. We deal with egos everyday, but mice breed sickness," Iger said."We are currently doing an autopsy on him and we expect to find him harboring multiple diseases."
Unofficial reports say the Black Plague was found on his paws.
The Disney World ground crews have tried a number of tactics over the years to catch Mickey the Mouse each one displaying the smarts and wits of the mouse.
"We tried everything from poison laced cheese to 10 foot mousetraps," Iger said. "The mousetrap proved disastrous after it caught and killed 60 tourist as they were making their way to the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House and as for the cheese, I'd rather not talk about it."
In the end Iger said it wasn't about luring him into a trap, it was about trapping him at his own game.
"The whole time we were sending poisoned laced crackers and cakes to his house or placing traps throughout the park. He was too smart for that," Iger said. "We had to catch him off guard in a place he felt completely safe."
Iger said within an hour of the mouse's death, they saw a decrease in the rodent population by 40 percent.
There have been similar mouse sightings at Disney Land and Iger said they hope the killing of the Disney World's mouse will send a message to all other mice who might be living in their other parks worldwide.
"We're sending a message to the rodent community," Iger said. "You can run but you can't hide."
There are some who say with the killing of Mickey, they may never step foot into another Disney theme park for as long as they live but the Disney Corporation does not see it as a loss. They stated they will gain more visitors with their rodent problem now under control.
"Some say this is a sad day," Iger said. "I on the other hand, see it as a new clean day for Disney Parks."

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