Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A New Year, A New Diamond

International Jewelry Review

Aye's Jewelry is announcing the launch of the Sangre Diamond. This 30 karat jewel, can be added to rings, necklaces and bracelet.
As a bonus Aye's is offering a helping hand with every diamond bought.
The great thing about the Sangre Diamond is with every diamond you purchase it comes with a genuine human hand the diamond cost to harvest, free of charge,” Gerry Brino, Chief Executive Officer of Aye's Jewelry said.
You can add the diamond to your favorite necklace or you can buy the Sangre Diamonds jewelry readily made and set to go.
Brino suggests the $15,000 Sangre Diamond engagement ring for the real lover. This ring comes with two human hands and a picture of the militia you helped support.
Brino suggests to use your human hand to store your precious rings or as a nice table center piece.
I bought my wife three Sangres and we dipped two of our hands in gold and use them as wonderful bookends,” Brino said.
Brino said the diamond plus a hand promotion will only last for a limited a time.
A diamond may last forever but hands decompose and we only have a limited number of hands to give away,” Brino said.
Aye's Jewelry says they guarantee their diamonds comes directly from the source of Angola, The Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe and the Congo.
We don't take the short cuts. We get our diamonds direct from the source which makes our hands that much more valuable,” Brino said.
A study in 2007 shows six percent of jewelers do not know where their diamonds are harvested from because they do not have an auditing process to trace a diamond back to their source of origin.
We do not just trace diamonds back to their country of origin, we trace them back to the slave or underpaid worker who personally harvested the jewel and graciously gave up their hand and we're happy to do that,” Brino said.
Brino said there has been a bad vibe with conflict diamonds every since such media as Kanye West's song Diamonds from Sierra Leon and Edward Zwick's film Blood Diamond starring Lenoardo DiCaprio and Djimon Hounsou hit the pop culture world.
I don't see our selling of the Sangre Diamonds as supporting warfare,” Brino said. “We are providing a third world country with an economy and supplying our country with beautiful objects to display our wealth and prosperity.”
Brino prefers to take what he calls the Marilyn Monroe model of “Diamonds are a Girl's best friend.”
Diamonds are a girl's best friends and man's best apology,” Brino said.
Brino said by adding the bonus hand, it displays the true value of the diamond.
After all we're a consumers' economy and if the consumers want a diamond we will get that shiny piece of carbon at whatever the cost,” Brino said. “By giving them a hand we say, you're diamond's priceless plus a hand.”
Aye's Jewelery is also set to introduce their Sangre Emeralds which come straight from the mines of Columbia. The emeralds will be introduced in March of this year and will come with your very own orphaned child who personally mined the emerald for your enjoyment.
This is a ingeniously crafted emerald and you get your own personal orphan who knows how to take care of your emerald. It is a real prize," Brino said. "The fact your orphan child will keep the emerald nice and shiny for years to come, is just an added bonus.”
Each orphan comes emerald handler certified.
The only thing that is not guaranteed, is the orphan's love for you but in the end you'll know how much the person who purchased the emerald loves you and what could be better than that?” Brino asks.
The Sangre Diamond collection is available in stores next week and they will launch the emerald collection on March 5 but they are taking pre-orders.
This collection will not last long so order yours today. It's worth it's weight in both hands and at least one child,” Brino said. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The United Kingdom admits to wrongful introducing universal health care

FFX News International 

The United Kingdom has finally admitted that they hate their universal health care plan as much as Americans do.
“If I wanted healthcare, I would buy it myself from a private sector,” Bryan Stockington, from Stockholm, England said.
Stockington would not say what he did for a living but did convey it’s his choice to give his money to a multi-million dollar company.
“If I’m sick and dying of let’s say cancer, then someone might as well be making a profit because I sure as hell won’t be,” Stockington said. “In fact I’m pretty sure if I didn’t receive government handouts, the cancer would not only take out my body but my bank account as well and that’s our God given right that the Parliament has taken from us.”
Stockington said God never wanted people to depend on the government for their health.
“After all it’s in the Bible, ‘In sickness and in health I have the right to choose who will profit from both’,” Stockington said. “Or is that my marriage vows? I always confuse those two. I guess in the end I’m saying look at what depending on the government did to Jesus.”
Stockington said whether it be in the Bible or in his wedding, he has vowed to be able to choose who gives him his daily insulin shot and it sure was not the politicians up in their “high towers of London”.
“I feel as if the government is saying, well we know you’re a blue collar. Working for eight pounds an hour won’t pay for the thousands upon thousands of pounds worth of treatment. Well how do you know I haven’t won the lotto yet?” Stockington asked. “It’s really just plain insulting.”
Stockington said he feels as if he’s living in a work of fiction or perhaps a narcissist’s dream.
“It’s almost as if I’m living in George Orwell’s 1984 or perhaps in the mind of Ann Rand. If Rand has taught anything it’s that capitalism always works. It never fails. So government, get your damn hands off my healthcare,” Stockington said.
Stockington said when looking at history, it was not until the 1940s after the Great Depression, when universal healthcare came to became a part of everyday life.
“For thousands of years we lived as natural human beings paying for our own healthcare,” Stockington said. “Sure it was for leaches and flesh eating maggots and not for the high technical day of radiation and CAT scans. But if I want to pay for leaches and maggots I should be able to pay for them without the government telling me I need an ultrasound or some other scientific logic that costs a whole hell load of money.”
According to Stockington he pays for healthcare with his taxes therefore he is also paying for the deadbeats who just want to get sick on the government’s dollar.
“These people don’t even want to get well,” Stockington said. “They just want to milk the government for all it’s worth and remain sick and decrepit without ever taking responsibility for their own health.”
Robert Griffin, an honored FXX News blogger, has another theory about the universal healthcare system.
“In the end it all boils down to one thing, population control,” Giffin said. “All universal healthcare systems across the globe have secretly started death panels. I should know they decided to kill my grandma three months ago.”
Griffin’s personal experience with the death panels have left a lasting mark on him.
“I was out of town and she was what some refer to as a shut-in but nobody came and helped her when she keeled over from a heart attack in her sleep,” Griffin said. “No one came and gave her CPR. She was a 99 year-old women just left in her PJs dead from something as curable as a heart attack.”
Griffin has a started a blog entitled, They’re Coming for You Next which is dedicated to making the public aware of what he calls, the government’s ultimate plan.
“They came for my grandma and pretty soon they’ll be building death camps where all 99 year old grandmas will be chain to their beds so they can die in their sleep from heart attacks,” Griffin said.
Griffin understands some may remain sketpical of the U.K.'s citizens finally getting fed up over their healthcare.
"Some people might say, oh that's just a small number griping about the government take over. Well I'm here to tell you that there are at least 60 of us," Griffin said. "And that's not including me."
Griffin applauds the United States for keeping the money in the hands of corporations instead of the government whose only gain in taking hold of health care is killing off everyone.
“The United States is the only remaining industrialized country without some form of universal access and I applaud them for keeping corporate millionaires not just in the pockets of every citizen but in their sick beds as well,” Griffin said.
Griffin has a strong feeling the U.K. is headed towards full out communism.
“The laws of economics keeps telling us that the United Kingdom is a capitalist society. Well who makes those laws up? How do I know it was hundreds of years of different philosophical genius and not just one big Marxist conspiracy?” Griffin said. “The simple answer is I don’t know and neither can any of you.”

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Occupy Christmas movement takes over local Elementary School

Lizzie Bibbs
HHES Newsletter

Fifteen students from Mrs. Griffth's first grade class at Headland Heights Elementary School have begun an Occupy Christmas protest outside their classroom when they discovered what they say is one percent of their class who receive every present off their Christmas list each year.
The students have set up tents in the hallways where they remain for the whole school day or until the bell rings and Mrs. Griffth sends them to the principal's office for insubordination.
“Mrs. Grittth said we're making a mess in the hallway,” Kyle Rooter said. “I see it as standing up for my Christmas rights. I want everything on my list this year like Frank Timons.”
Timons is the only student in a class of 30 who received everything he asked Santa for last Christmas.
“Do I realize that one out of 30 is not one percent? No lady I'm only in first grade. I'm not even sure what a percent is. I do know Frank [Timons] parents must pay Santa off though,” Rooter said.
Many students feel Timons parents are paying Santa off because they own the local mall and two stores downtown.
“It's easy to see Frank's parents are making backdoor deals with Santa. They say if Santa gets Frank everything he wants, they'll let him shop for free at all their stores,” Rooter said.
Many children have also noticed their gifts come from the mall or stores the Timons own like the local Dollar General.
Occupiers, Jillian Heffsteller (right) and Amanda Scrantino stand in
protest of Santa's unfair gift giving practices

“Frank Timons got a Wii last year as well as five brand new games, a remote control firetruck and a brand new pair of Nike shoes that blink red and blue lights when he walks,” Jillian Hoffsteller said.
Heffsteller said she only got a new dress and a doll from Santa.
“The doll I got was clearly from the dollar store,” Heffsteller said. “I ask you where's my Wii? Where's my new pair of Nike shoes? I guess my mom's job at the Wal-Mart doesn't make enough to payoff the man in the big red suit.”
Another student, Gregory Froster said he had a “much worser” Christmas than Heffsteller.
“She at least got a doll. The only presents I got from Santa were in my stocking, a pair of socks and a frosty PEZ dispenser,” Froster said. “Clearly I got nothing off my Christmas list.”
Timons denies his classmates accusations.
“I have just been a good boy all year. If they tried being nice instead of protesting all day long, they might get all their presents as well,” Timons said. “My parents don't pay anyone off.”
Heffsteller denies Timons has been good all year long.
“Last year in Kindergarten he pulled on one of my pigtails so hard that I started to cry. Timons can do whatever he wants and still get all his presents, there's money involved,” Heffsteller said.
Furthermore some students say they have been better than Timons but still have not received a Christmas with a full list of presents.
“I was a lot nicer than Frank last year,” Rooter said. “I never pulled on Jill's pigtails and I got student of the month twice in a row.”
The Occupy Christmas movement has been gaining support as seven fifth graders, three kindergarteners and 10 fourth graders have joined their cause.
Yesterday third grader Josh Stewart, a Jewish student, joined because he said Santa has yet to even visit him.
Also several parents have put their support behind their students packing them extra snacks and giving them ice cream money.
“My dad said it's about time the Timons got what's coming to them,” Froster said. “He's been mad at Frank's mom and dad ever since they laid him off last year.”
Froster's father was one of five people laid off from the mall's security department and has yet to find a job.
“My dad said he has a few Christmas presents he'd like to give them as well. I'm not sure what that means. If Frank is getting all the presents he wants, I'm sure his parents are too,” Froster said.
Other students admit they too did not receive their full Christmas lists last year but think the Occupy Christmas movement is out of hand.
“Just go to class and learn and get good grades then you can eventually earn enough points and be put on Santa's extremely good kid list and get all your presents,” Sarah Frenner said. “It's called hard work, that's how you earn all your deserved presents.”
Mrs. Griffth said she is just frustrated because it interferes with her work day and creates more work as the janitor ends up cleaning up after the student's mess.
“If it's not candy wrappers than it's their signs they leave behind when in detention,” Griffth said. “Then last Friday they tried to start a fire to stay warm in the drafty hallway. Just come inside the classroom and learn.”
Griffth has tried to force the students to come into the classroom but said it just created more chaos.
“I had students drag in their Barbie tents and camp out underneath my desk. While some of the others stood in the back and marched back and forth all day,” Griffth said. “This is the last year I ask the students what Santa brought them for Christmas last year.”
The occupiers say they are not going anywhere until Santa listens to their demands.
“We may have to stay here all year,” Heffsteller said. “Even if it takes until next Christmas, I'm not moving an inch.”