Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A New Year, A New Diamond

International Jewelry Review

Aye's Jewelry is announcing the launch of the Sangre Diamond. This 30 karat jewel, can be added to rings, necklaces and bracelet.
As a bonus Aye's is offering a helping hand with every diamond bought.
The great thing about the Sangre Diamond is with every diamond you purchase it comes with a genuine human hand the diamond cost to harvest, free of charge,” Gerry Brino, Chief Executive Officer of Aye's Jewelry said.
You can add the diamond to your favorite necklace or you can buy the Sangre Diamonds jewelry readily made and set to go.
Brino suggests the $15,000 Sangre Diamond engagement ring for the real lover. This ring comes with two human hands and a picture of the militia you helped support.
Brino suggests to use your human hand to store your precious rings or as a nice table center piece.
I bought my wife three Sangres and we dipped two of our hands in gold and use them as wonderful bookends,” Brino said.
Brino said the diamond plus a hand promotion will only last for a limited a time.
A diamond may last forever but hands decompose and we only have a limited number of hands to give away,” Brino said.
Aye's Jewelry says they guarantee their diamonds comes directly from the source of Angola, The Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe and the Congo.
We don't take the short cuts. We get our diamonds direct from the source which makes our hands that much more valuable,” Brino said.
A study in 2007 shows six percent of jewelers do not know where their diamonds are harvested from because they do not have an auditing process to trace a diamond back to their source of origin.
We do not just trace diamonds back to their country of origin, we trace them back to the slave or underpaid worker who personally harvested the jewel and graciously gave up their hand and we're happy to do that,” Brino said.
Brino said there has been a bad vibe with conflict diamonds every since such media as Kanye West's song Diamonds from Sierra Leon and Edward Zwick's film Blood Diamond starring Lenoardo DiCaprio and Djimon Hounsou hit the pop culture world.
I don't see our selling of the Sangre Diamonds as supporting warfare,” Brino said. “We are providing a third world country with an economy and supplying our country with beautiful objects to display our wealth and prosperity.”
Brino prefers to take what he calls the Marilyn Monroe model of “Diamonds are a Girl's best friend.”
Diamonds are a girl's best friends and man's best apology,” Brino said.
Brino said by adding the bonus hand, it displays the true value of the diamond.
After all we're a consumers' economy and if the consumers want a diamond we will get that shiny piece of carbon at whatever the cost,” Brino said. “By giving them a hand we say, you're diamond's priceless plus a hand.”
Aye's Jewelery is also set to introduce their Sangre Emeralds which come straight from the mines of Columbia. The emeralds will be introduced in March of this year and will come with your very own orphaned child who personally mined the emerald for your enjoyment.
This is a ingeniously crafted emerald and you get your own personal orphan who knows how to take care of your emerald. It is a real prize," Brino said. "The fact your orphan child will keep the emerald nice and shiny for years to come, is just an added bonus.”
Each orphan comes emerald handler certified.
The only thing that is not guaranteed, is the orphan's love for you but in the end you'll know how much the person who purchased the emerald loves you and what could be better than that?” Brino asks.
The Sangre Diamond collection is available in stores next week and they will launch the emerald collection on March 5 but they are taking pre-orders.
This collection will not last long so order yours today. It's worth it's weight in both hands and at least one child,” Brino said. 

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