Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The United Kingdom admits to wrongful introducing universal health care

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The United Kingdom has finally admitted that they hate their universal health care plan as much as Americans do.
“If I wanted healthcare, I would buy it myself from a private sector,” Bryan Stockington, from Stockholm, England said.
Stockington would not say what he did for a living but did convey it’s his choice to give his money to a multi-million dollar company.
“If I’m sick and dying of let’s say cancer, then someone might as well be making a profit because I sure as hell won’t be,” Stockington said. “In fact I’m pretty sure if I didn’t receive government handouts, the cancer would not only take out my body but my bank account as well and that’s our God given right that the Parliament has taken from us.”
Stockington said God never wanted people to depend on the government for their health.
“After all it’s in the Bible, ‘In sickness and in health I have the right to choose who will profit from both’,” Stockington said. “Or is that my marriage vows? I always confuse those two. I guess in the end I’m saying look at what depending on the government did to Jesus.”
Stockington said whether it be in the Bible or in his wedding, he has vowed to be able to choose who gives him his daily insulin shot and it sure was not the politicians up in their “high towers of London”.
“I feel as if the government is saying, well we know you’re a blue collar. Working for eight pounds an hour won’t pay for the thousands upon thousands of pounds worth of treatment. Well how do you know I haven’t won the lotto yet?” Stockington asked. “It’s really just plain insulting.”
Stockington said he feels as if he’s living in a work of fiction or perhaps a narcissist’s dream.
“It’s almost as if I’m living in George Orwell’s 1984 or perhaps in the mind of Ann Rand. If Rand has taught anything it’s that capitalism always works. It never fails. So government, get your damn hands off my healthcare,” Stockington said.
Stockington said when looking at history, it was not until the 1940s after the Great Depression, when universal healthcare came to became a part of everyday life.
“For thousands of years we lived as natural human beings paying for our own healthcare,” Stockington said. “Sure it was for leaches and flesh eating maggots and not for the high technical day of radiation and CAT scans. But if I want to pay for leaches and maggots I should be able to pay for them without the government telling me I need an ultrasound or some other scientific logic that costs a whole hell load of money.”
According to Stockington he pays for healthcare with his taxes therefore he is also paying for the deadbeats who just want to get sick on the government’s dollar.
“These people don’t even want to get well,” Stockington said. “They just want to milk the government for all it’s worth and remain sick and decrepit without ever taking responsibility for their own health.”
Robert Griffin, an honored FXX News blogger, has another theory about the universal healthcare system.
“In the end it all boils down to one thing, population control,” Giffin said. “All universal healthcare systems across the globe have secretly started death panels. I should know they decided to kill my grandma three months ago.”
Griffin’s personal experience with the death panels have left a lasting mark on him.
“I was out of town and she was what some refer to as a shut-in but nobody came and helped her when she keeled over from a heart attack in her sleep,” Griffin said. “No one came and gave her CPR. She was a 99 year-old women just left in her PJs dead from something as curable as a heart attack.”
Griffin has a started a blog entitled, They’re Coming for You Next which is dedicated to making the public aware of what he calls, the government’s ultimate plan.
“They came for my grandma and pretty soon they’ll be building death camps where all 99 year old grandmas will be chain to their beds so they can die in their sleep from heart attacks,” Griffin said.
Griffin understands some may remain sketpical of the U.K.'s citizens finally getting fed up over their healthcare.
"Some people might say, oh that's just a small number griping about the government take over. Well I'm here to tell you that there are at least 60 of us," Griffin said. "And that's not including me."
Griffin applauds the United States for keeping the money in the hands of corporations instead of the government whose only gain in taking hold of health care is killing off everyone.
“The United States is the only remaining industrialized country without some form of universal access and I applaud them for keeping corporate millionaires not just in the pockets of every citizen but in their sick beds as well,” Griffin said.
Griffin has a strong feeling the U.K. is headed towards full out communism.
“The laws of economics keeps telling us that the United Kingdom is a capitalist society. Well who makes those laws up? How do I know it was hundreds of years of different philosophical genius and not just one big Marxist conspiracy?” Griffin said. “The simple answer is I don’t know and neither can any of you.”

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